Now let’s get to the story. It has been ten days since I sent the first story and I have not been able to speak to the public, I can send mail to the dam. Comments Mail with all the fans who have seen the Open Panni one by one, I’m glad your story is good, I’m happy to buy my first mark in college, and more than that, a girl sent me a hema mail, Your story is super தாங்கல. I thanked everyone and got ready to write the next story. Suddenly I remembered Hema, I made a reply to Hema and I started to ask you what else to add to my story. After half an hour, I told Mari to write a good temptation, and I wrote a message to you in reply. I sent her and asked for her number, she could not, but she did not send me an e – mail. To put a kiss symbol and send a reply, we’re so close to each other, that’s why it’s so hard to provoke our meet and plan a day coffee shop to get Hema to agree. That day Vanduchu Hema was in the picture, I was in Tambaram, I took my car and went to the place they told me, Hema came in front of my car and got in the car, that was the first time I was going to put on a sem dikt truss and it would be thirty four size anyway From the hips, posterior camel drowsiness. I pakkurata pattutta, what alantuttiya nu nakkala smile kannalaye what to ask, I smiled to be chemmaya who kuttu vaccu irukko nu to ask what they go. Didn’t talk so social, was so happy to hear them talk, I went to my car and coffee shop and talked while drinking coffee, then Hema told me not to change the story I was writing, she smiled and told me not to say yes, time is running out. We came to the car to tell Hema, I’m going to ask her a kiss, and she said she’s like a smile. The night was seven o’clock. . I just tied her to be, slowly lifted her chin and closed my eyes and kissed her for my kisses. We left listening to the sound. To turn her head, I went a little farther to the car start bunny. My chest began to swell, my cock began to kiss, and her neck began to lick, the hot breath hit her on top of me to pull what was the scent of the jasmine flower that was on her head, to kiss her on the mountain, and she sat on the seat in the white bra in the tops To start kissing her in the light of that dark moon, she turned off my head to be heartbroken, started licking nicely, licked the bra that she could not bear, to catch that awesome nut and handcuffs, it’s in my hand, to start licking the awesome cock awesome Saliva ava kai bala bala nu nu achsu, then I got up and took off my truss aa and lay down on my seat and got up and knelt down on my I kissed the lipstick on the lip and then licked it from the bottom. Hema who gave me the pleasure of not giving any girl like this peel ah to pull and lick the nut in my nut mouth. Unable to be idle on top of this, I stripped off my truss and went to the back seat and spread her legs. Then I went to the side of the cock and licked it from my tongue and licked her pussy. Semmaya listened, enough Wa Da pulled up, slid my rod over the hole and slid the resource into the hole, then slowly pressed it into my rod to keep it in the hole, first lifting the tube to make it a little tighter and leaving my rod wet in my mouth. Told her to go to the hotel, this fat slippery pooch, aptiye what they should be Tick ​​I took her left in the meduva, she was screaming at her nice solo cunt, a ten minute later, I climbed on top of the seat la ukkantu what duck ukkantu ukkantu ukkantu start to suck in my pussy, she was a total flower with me From inside her pussy, I hugged her and licked her pussy, she jumped in the car, I jumped in the car without fear of anyone coming, I went out of the car to ask her if she could get out of my car. She lay down on the front panel of her car, lifted both her legs and peeled off my rod to take it away. I unloaded the whole thing in her pussy, then she got up and knelt on the floor and licked my pussy Ai yala cleaning panni vita. Then we got up, kissed each other, put on our clothes and left. When she leaves the house, it’s eight o’clock, Lotta, but spread out, I can do anything for such a pleasure. Half an hour after leaving her, I left a message saying yes. We happily went home, took a shower, slept and talked about whether the two of us had a good night’s sleep.

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