“The milkman does not milk properly. So when it comes to milking in the evening, stand close and watch .. !! ” My housemate said and left.

“It would be difficult to see a six month old baby handcuffed and doing housework .. !! This is another imcee here .. !! ” With that in mind, put the baby in the crib and watch TV. My name is Gomati who is sitting to watch.

I am 30 years old. He was not married for a long time due to his poor family and at the age of 28 he was given a second dowry.

My husband is 40 years old. He does not seem to be comfortable with the property .. !! I too have been driving time that this is life.

Then, “Mom, I have come to milk .. !!” When I heard that noise outside, I got up and went to the backyard and sat on the doorstep.

We have a total of five dairy cows in our house. Every day the milkman would come and take the milk away.

That’s how Balkaran started his work that day.

Folding up the heat, he poured water on the cow’s lap so that more than half her thigh was visible, washed it and said, “Sir, sir.”

He passed one cow through one and went to the next cow.

Now he just sat there with his face to me. He was about 8 ”long from the inside of the shot and Karunakampola Chunni came out, my whole body began to climb jivennu.

Seeing that time the baby started to cry, I got up from the crib and sat down. But the baby’s crying did not stop.

“Emma, ​​the baby is not crying. Will you give milk for that .. !! What kind of fun are you watching here ..? ” Said the milkman.

“Ivan is chasing me so that Bala can run away without moving properly .. !!” Thought. So I sat there and unbuttoned the jacket in front of him, pushed the breast out to cover the sari head and started feeding the baby.

Looking at me, he licked the milk and his cock started to fall asleep a little bit. Nutted to full length in no time.

To see his rough cock, my pussy started to itch.

At the same time my baby grabbed my breast and pulled, the baby milk sucking breast, glistening in the yellow sun of the evening.

He was also looking at my breast and was licking the same mat for a long time.

I was now changing the nipple and giving the baby milk and showing him both breasts.

He got up and went to the next cow to milk.

Immediately I said, “What milkman, is there a little milk that is passing the time ..?” என்றேன்.

“It simply came to our notice then. What is your model for that fold ..? ” என்று சொன்னான்.

When he heard that directly, I started rubbing my pussy more and more, rubbing my pussy with the sari on my thighs.

At that time, the baby started drinking milk and started sleeping.

“Slow down. I have just arrived .. !! ” After saying that, I went inside the house to put the baby to sleep.

While the baby was cradling in the crib for a while, the urge came to let the milkman’s naughty cock get into her pussy.

“How to start it ..?” Thinking that, I shook the cradle without closing the jacket that was left open.

Then the milkman entered the house.

“What, did you get into it ..?” I asked.

“Illamma, there are still two cows left. Give me some water .. !! ” Said.

He could see the milk dripping from the breast and the stalk stiffening as the jacket was open even though my breast was covered.

He had lowered Vetti cleanly. I also saw Chunni Vetti lifting and beating.

“Why is there so little milk? Can you tell me something ..” Asking that, I brought water.

“It simply came to our notice then. Does the cow have all the folds? It’s a little bit of milk now. A lot of milk comes from having a folded perissa like this .. !! ” He said looking at my breast.

“What ..? It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring .. !! ” I saw his face.

“Who would not want to learn to fold like this ..?” Saying that, to push Vetti away slightly, Chunni suddenly came out and stood looking at the sky.

To see such a thick pussy so close, I licked my pussy and said, “Imputu Perisa vaccirukkinkale. Will milk come in here too ..? ” I asked.

Suddenly, “See for yourself .. !!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me over.

When he took my hand he squealed and squealed. I squeezed the cock out of it.

He pulled my sari down and grabbed both breasts and squeezed my cock. Milk dripped a little from his nipple.

Immediately, “Why waste milk?” I cried.

He understood and picked me up and put me to bed in a bundle of paddy stacked on the side. I took off my jacket and started stroking my nipples.

I nodded in lust as he sighed and made me dizzy. He squeezed her nipples and sucked on her nipples.

I was rubbing his pussy fast while shaking his pussy.

He drank alternately on both breasts and got up through the milk in his mouth.

“Even if the hut is empty, you will never get milk in your lap .. !!” With that said, he unbuttoned my saree and skirt.

Even my brother-in-law lifted me up and kissed me. Lying completely naked like this in front of another amber made me even more aroused.

He unbuttoned his shirt and shirt and pressed his cock into my mouth.

So far I have not kissed Chunni .. !!

So, “Can’t .. !!” I turned my face away.

“If you drink milk with me, you will become sappithandi. Umbudi Devidiya .. !! ” That poked my finger into my pussy.

When he called me “Goddess”, I became more lustful than angry.

When his rough finger went into her pussy, I was throbbing. I slowly opened my mouth and sucked his cock.

Although it was nauseating at first, the foreskin was swollen and itching was still comfortable.

At the same time, he quickly poked his two fingers into my pussy. I kissed his cock fast too.

Then, he took the cock out of my mouth and put it in my pussy with a single stab and started licking fast.

As he slid inside, my pussy ached like it was about to be torn. That pain will make you feel comfortable .. !!

The milkman, squeezing my nipples, stabbed me in the groin.

Letting go for more than 10 minutes and stabbing my pussy.

After a while, I felt like something was exploding inside my pussy. I grabbed his waist and squeezed.

Trembling all over my body like a sudden current-shock, something dripped into my pussy.

At the same time he lay on top of me and grabbed me tightly and poured the porridge into my hot pussy.

It has now become customary to buy daily ole from a milkman who has shown me new comforts that I have never experienced before.

Every day, whether I am churning cow’s milk or not, he is going to skip my breast milk and pussy juice every day .. !!

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The milkman told me to drink Sunnila milk and I also wanted to drink milk !!

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